Anchor Camo Shot 4 Division Dispenser

Anchor Camo Shot 4 Division Dispenser

This new Anchor Camo Shot is specifically designed for use with pop ups when carp fishing.

There are 4 sizes of shot in the in the Anchor dispenser, to cater for all sizes of pop ups.

This unique product has the potential to fool even the wariest carp.

A Concept Developed To Disguise Split Shot, using the Patented Double-Cut Shot, which has Been Specially Coated In 4 Different Colours, to Suit All Environments.

Carp Camo contains SSG SA AAA AB.

With the ever-increasing demand for end tackle to be less visible to fish we realised that split shot should also be coloured to try and disguise its presence within the underwater environment.

Instead of creating a multi-coloured effect we decided to let the angler choose one of four colours to suit the environment to which they are fishing.

The four colours are Gravel Sand, Muddy Brown, Weedy Green and Dark Green. We believe that these four colours should suit most fishing locations.

Anchor Camo Shot 4 Division Dispenser

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