Mainline Polaris Pop Up Mix

Mainline Polaris Pop Up Mix

The Polaris Pop-up mix has been a long time coming, but Mainline felt we could not release it until we were fully satisfied it was the best (in our opinion) on the market.

Working closely with There consultants and field testers they know the importance of making a perfect pop-up and in the Polaris Mainline think they offer that. again Mainline have taken out all the hard work of producing the perfect pop up, just add eggs your chosen additives mix -roll -boil leave to dry and hey presto you have a perfect buoyant hook bait as if like magic.

One large egg makes on average 100 14 mm pop-ups with no need to microwave or bake, just add eggs, mix, roll and boil to the specified instructions for a buoyant pop-up every time.

Please follow the step by step mixing instructions on the side of the polaris tub.

Mainline have also translated our mixing instructions into 4 laugages for the aid of our European friends.

Mainlines Mixing Instructions:

1 - crack one large egg into a mix bowl.

2 - add your flavours, additives and colour dyes at your chosen levels and whisk thoroughly.

3 - slowly add the polaris pop up mix, until a firm but workable paste is achieved.

4 - roll to desired size and boil for 2-3 mins.

5 - leave to air dry in warm place for 24 hours.

6 - your pop ups are now ready for use.

7 - we recommend air-drying for a longer period, for long-term storage.

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