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Essential Baits Shellfish B5 Boilies

Essential Baits Shellfish B5 Boilies Shelf Life 1kg

What more can we say about this unbelievable bait! It has possibly accounted for the capture of more big carp than any other bait in history! It is a phenomenal fish catcher that has the uncanny, but incredibly consistent knack of nailing the bigger fish.

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Essential Baits Shellfish B5 Boilies

The B5 is a very high quality food bait that contains a combination of low temperature fish meals and soluble fish proteins in conjunction with pure Robin Red, krill powder, milk proteins, milk fats and crustacean extracts. The bait also benefits from the inclusion of our Fruit Factor 6, which is brilliant at repelling silt odours. Due to the high inclusion of natural crustacean extracts, the B5 has an unusual shell-like crunchy texture. In fact, it was the first commercial bait ever developed to achieve this, and although over the years many have tried to imitate the B5, no one has even got close!

The B5 needs little introduction and will work straight from the off, whilst at the same time carry on catching consistently year after year. Many anglers believe that it’s the most successful ‘big fish’ bait ever developed, and if you’re trying to plot the downfall of a particularly big fish, or simply just want to catch more than anyone else – get on the B5! Essential B5 16mm Shelf Life Boilies are an extremely high quality long-term food source containing optimum levels of Betaine in conjunction with 5 different marine extracts (hence B5).

The high level of crustacean extracts give the bait a unique crunchy shell-like texture, thus promoting an important ‘crunch-factor’ sensation as the carp crush the bait with their pharyngeal teeth. This in turn, imitates much of their natural food ie, snails, mussels, caddis etc.

The B5 also contains Robin Red and low temperature fishmeals together with soluble fish and milk protein concentrates.

An excellent all-season bait that has proved devastating on virtually every water it has been used on

16mm or 20mm

Shelf Life Boilies

Essential Baits Shelfish B5 16mm Boilies Shelf Life 1kg

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Essential Baits Shelfish B5 16mm Boilies Shelf Life 1kg 16mm

Essential Baits Shelfish B5 16mm Boilies Shelf Life 1kg 20mm

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