Delkim D Stak Add on Weights

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Delkim D Stak Add on Weights
These weights are designed to fit the Delkim Nitelite and Nitelite Pro indicators.
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These weights are designed to fit the Delkim Nitelite and Nitelite Pro indicators.

They come in packs of 6 x 5g weights

These special, low profile weights are made in black stainless steel and are designed to be stacked together for fine tuning to get the desired weight without adding unnecessary height.

TOP TIPS - to avoid false indications

False indication can occur for the lots of reasons:-

Sensitivity can be set too high - If this happens simply reduce the sensitivity by turning the rotary (S) control anti-clockwise until the false bleeps stop.

A change of the sensitivity range from + (plus) to - (minus) may be needed in extreme conditions.

Unwanted shock vibrations - False bleeps from gusts of wind, hailstones and exceptionally torrential rain, may be eliminated by reducing sensitivity or simply switching from the + (plus) to - (minus) range.

False indications caused by accidental shock vibrations i.e. knocking the rods/rod pod, may be reduced by using either individual single rod rests or a more stable goal post set up.

Another very clever idea from Delkim.

All models 1992 - Current including EV Plus - October 2009

Message from Del Romang – Founder & Chairman of Delkim

“Sensitivity control is fundamental in the use of the Delkim Bite Alarm when and set up and adjusted correctly, the Delkim will give the user the highest degree of sensitivity to line movement in any known bite alarm without any false indications whatsoever. The Delkim has been in use since 1992 and over the years methods and types of line have changed. To ensure you get the very best out of your Delkims, I would advise you to read this section which has been revised in the light of experience and customer feedback since 1992. Please note that this applies to all Delkims both old and new”.


The Delkim works by sensing vibrations from contact of the line with the line guide which is directly coupled to a piezo vibration sensor. Intelligent electronics and very sophisticated controls ensure that the information from line vibrations is relayed correctly to the angler both audibly and visually.

The Delkim vibration system has unique properties that make it totally different to conventional rotation based bite alarms. For instance, vibrations can be sensed without the line actually visibly moving. This can be particularly useful in winter to pick up bites where sometimes runs do not develop and when snag fishing where early warning is essential. The ability to adjust sensitivity levels to ignore extremely slow (snails pace) line movement, is a feature that makes the Delkim particularly good in the wind, preventing false indications from wind gusts and “indicator creep”.

Total Carp Magazine Review

A wide number of accessories are also available, including several that attach to the alarm to allow Delkim users to create a complete bite-indication system.

The first of these is the D-Lok quick-release system. This not only allows easy removal and replacement of the alarms from and back on to the buzz bars, but also allows perfect alignment of the alarms. This can often be a bugbear for carp anglers trying to get their alarms all secure and lined up on their buzz bars, but the D-Lok cures it instantly.

It attaches to the alarm and replaces the locking bolt via an easy removal and replacement of the two screws. It’s simple to do and the required tools are supplied in each D-Lok pack. Bite indication is catered for with the illuminated NiteLite Pro hangers, which plug straight into the socket on the bottom of the alarms and hang as any normal bobbin would. The difference is that when you get a bite the head lights up along with the alarm LED. They’re available in all of the colours to match each alarm option.

The DuoCarb carbon indicator arm can also be attached either directly to a D-Lok or via a supplied bracket, and this can be used to cradle the NiteLite Pro, thus creating a rigid ‘Swinger’-type indicator.

Finally, the Safe-D snag ears are brilliant additions to any Delkim alarm and provide removable carbon snag ears that can be used as a pair or individually.

In all, these accessories take your beloved Delkims to even dizzier heights and, as well as performing brilliantly, they all look the part too!

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