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8 barbless hooks tied to 20cm of extra strong,low diameter mono.

Available in sizes 8 - 16.

Size 8:

8 to 8lb

0.22mm dia


Ideal for all big baits,large halibut pellets,paste etc.8's are the largest and strongest of the margin carp range and are capable of hooking and holding big carp on extra strong margin gear.

Size 10:

10 to 8lb

0.22mm dia


These 10's tied to 8lb are so strong that on balanced tackle they are virtually impossible to gape.The long needle point is slightly curved with its very tip turned in to provide a really good secure hook hold.

Size 12:

12 to 7lb

0.20mm dia


12's are a good size for slightly bigger baits,double pellet or combinations like sweetcorn and maggot.In 0.60mm forged wire they are tough enough to be fished either on rod and reel or on extra strong pole gear.

Size 14:

14 to 6lb

0.18mm dia


14's are the most popular size of barbless hook because they are ideal for so many of the most successful carp baits,pellet,sweetcorn,worm,meat etc and with their slightly inturned point,very few fish are lost.

Size 16:

16 to 5lb

0.16mm dia


16 is an ideal size for a wide range of baits,double caster or double maggot,sweetcorn,small pellet etc.In 0.48mm super high carbon steel wire,this is a seriously strong little hook.

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