Drennan Mega Carp Landing Net Handle

Drennan Series 7 Mega Carp Landing Net Handle
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Drennan Series 7 Mega Carp Landing Net Handle

The weak point with any landing net is the thread where the net screws in, Peter Drennan has given this a lot of thought and made a brass thread that is really strong and surrounded by plenty of carbon fibre to give a really secure attachment, this is a real quality piece of equipment.

This landing net handle is constructed in 2 telescopic sections with a 30cm detachable section that the landing net head screws into. This section allows the net to be quickly removed when you have a big fish in the net, then the fish can be easily placed into the keepnet, quick and easy.

The short section that the net attaches to is held in place with a quick quarter 'twist', this gives a good solid grip which stops the net pulling off when in the water.

The handle is very stiff which makes it easy to push through the water when trying to net a fish.

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