Fox Micro Marker Kit

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Fox Micro Marker Kit

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Fox Micro Marker Kit


Fox have always been in touch with the angler on the bank and they have designed this Micro marker kit, by listening to exactly what anglers want and need, you dont need big bulky floats and leads that make a huge splash when they hit the water, so they have made this kit with stealth in mind.

This Marker Kit contains all the components required to create a highly sensitive and versatile plumbing set up.

Micro Markers have been designed to locate subtle undulations and features in the lakebed at close to medium range, in conjunction with light leads.

The three floats are coloured black for white water conditions, fluoro orange for general use and fluoro yellow which is best when cast against dark, shady areas such as island margins and tree canopies.

Blow moulded from durable high impact plastic and fitted with a perma-fix base swivel, Micro Markers are built to perform and built to last.

The floats are designed to be used with the supplied Slik Ring Kit which improves plumbing performance.

The Slik Ring has a low friction ceramic centre which allows the float to rise to the surface with the minimum of resistance.

The ring is stopped by a high-diameter rubber bead and a pair of Speed Links allow quick change attachment of lead and float.

Explorer feature finding leads have been specifically designed to transmit vibration and feel as the lead travels along the bottom.

Use the Explorer lead and stem when plumbing terrain such as silt and weed; this helps to prevent the Slik Ring clogging which can stop the float from rising.

For most firm lakebeds the standard Explorer Lead is suitable.

The Micro Marker Kit contains the following:

3 x Micro Markers

1 x Slik Ring

1 x Rubber Stop Bead

2 x Speed Links

1 x 2oz Explorer Lead

1 x 2oz Explorer Lead & Stem

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