Fox Rangemaster Powergrip Method Catapult

Fox Rangemaster Powergrip Catapult

Making catapulting your bait out easy.

Fox Rangemaster Powergrip Catapult

Curved ergonomic handle for increased comfort and control – curve in handle corrects for, and prevents the need for, wrist flexion when baiting

One piece monocoque polymer frame

‘Teardrop’ profile on handle to prevent twisting in the hand when in use, which aids accuracy

Sculptured finger grips for greater comfort and control

Wide elastic connections for improved elastic flow through frame with reduced tangling

Deep conical pouch, for optimum baiting loads and accuracy

Non-tear material on pouch

Pouch has non-slip grip for easier use with wet hands

Multi-purpose pouch that is ideal for a wide variety of baits including boilies, particles and pellets.

Fox Rangemaster Powergrip Catapult

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