Gardner Air Dry Bags - 5kg

Gardner Air Dry Bags - 5kg

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Gardner Air Dry Bags - 5kg

These air-dry bags now feature a robust zip and strengthened handles.

The convenient way to dry and store all boilies on a long session.

Hang the air dry bags containing your chosen boilies in a well ventilated, shaded and sheltered spot (normally a tree branch is ideal) and remember to mix up the contents a few times every day so that all the boilies dry evenly.

Using air dry bags for storing your baits helps prolong the usable life of most freezer baits, especially if they have been pre dried before going on an extended fishing trip, as the dried baits resist the growth of mould. This makes them particularly useful for longer sessions where freezer facilities are not available and means you don’t have to compromise using your normal tried and tested bait.

Tough zips, strengthened handles and reinforced webbing to prevent stretching or loss of shape.

Beware of inferior imitations.

Gardner Air Dry Bags - 5kg

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