Korda Big Eye Swivels

Korda Big Eye Swivels
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Korda Big Eye Swivels

These swivels have one very large round eye and one normal size one and, as with all of Korda's swivels, they come from the best Japanese manufacturers and have a trademark 'anti glint' dull-grey finish.

They have three major uses...

Firstly, they make very smooth running rigs when used as a replacement to the swivels found on the top of our leads. They were originally designed as part of the running rig kits. But, after too many enquiries to mention, we had to add them to the range.

The second obvious use is for helicopter rigs. The large eye will rotate better if a large bead is used, whereas a smaller swivel would bump around the larger beads circumference. In other words, the large eye will slide effortlessly around it.

They can also be used at the top of a link for the marker float - the large eye will allow the line to pull through that bit easier than a standard swivel. No doubt there are other uses for them as well

10 swivels per pack

Korda Big Eye Swivels

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