Korda Drop Zone Marker Stems

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Korda Drop Zone Marker Stems
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Korda Drop Zone Marker Stems

Korda Drop Zone Marker Stems have been designed to keep the bead and swivel off the bottom to enable accurate and trouble free plumbing in weedy conditions.

Rigid Super Stong Stem

Unique ring swivel with super large free flow ring permanently fixed to float

Durable highly buoyant foam section

Long Range Trouble Free Casting

New to the Korda range, Korda Drop Zone Marker Stems allow a marker float to rise smoothly in heavy silk weed or at extreme range.

Pack contains two finned, tapered beads which are designed to fit against the base of a Drop Zone Marker Float, two 9mm beads for use with other marker floats and two rigid super strong stems complete with large ring swivel and quick change clip.

Ever had difficulty with your float rising on weedy waters? Well, this scenario is no more. We have produced a product that holds your float above the dreaded weed, yet still indicating the type of lake bed your fishing over through the line.

The injection-moulded stems hold the float 10in or so off the bottom and feature the line running through them via the large eye. This, in turn, allows the float to rapidly rise to the surface, marking your chosen area.

Your receive two in a pack!

Korda Drop Zone Marker Stems

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