Sonubaits Stiki Pellet

Sonubaits Stiki Pellet
Stiki Pellet. Makes pellets stay on the Method Feeder for longer.

Designed to make pellets easier to stick to the method feeder and withstand the impact of a cast and be able to travel through deeper water without the pellets coming off till the feeder hits the bottom, concentrating the feeding area.

- Empty 1 bag of Fin Perfect Feed Pellets into a mixing bowl

- Using the spoon provided add 10 spoonfuls of water to the pellets

- Dry the spoon and add 1 level spoonful of Stiki Pellet to the pellets

- Mix thoroughly and leave for 30 minutes

- If the pellets dry out simply add another spoonful of water

- The more Stiki Pellet you add the stickier it becomes.

It can also be used to make groundbaits stickier and stay on the Method feeder for longer

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