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Drennan Silverfish Maggot hook to nylon

Drennan Barbless Silverfish Maggot Hook To Nylon POST FREE

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size 20 to 2lb
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size 16 to 2lb 8oz
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8 barbless hooks tied to 25cm of extra strong,low diamter mono.

Available in sizes 16 - 22

Size 16:

16 to 2lb 8oz

0.12mm dia


These 16's in 0.36mm super high carbon steel wire are heavily forged for added strength.

This feature also reduces the amount of spring in the gape and helps to minimise fish loss when bagging up on small silverfish.

Size 18:

18 to 2lb

0.10mm dia


With a long curved point and swept crystal bend the shape of this pattern is mechanicall strong.These 18's are a good size for single or double maggot,single caster,punched bread or small pellets.

Size 20:

20 to 2lb

0.10mm dia


The ideal shape and strength for a barbless size 20.A single maggot sits perfectly in the bottom of the bend,right underneath the long,slightly curved point,a design feature which improves both hooking and holding.

Size 22:

22 to 1lb 10oz

0.09mm dia


A single maggot or double pinkie presented on 0.09mm diameter line and combined with a lightweight fine wire size 22 definitely produces more bites,especially on hard-fished waters where the silverfish are educated.

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