Angling Technics Microcat HD Bait Boat

Angling Technics Microcat HD Bait Boat

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Angling Technics Microcat HD Bait Boat has been developed to include a number of new changes to the previous Microcats. Angling Technics has changed from the water jet propulsion to a propeller design and have added a controllable spotlight at the front of the bait boat so that it aids visibility after dark. The shape of the hull has been altered so that the bait boat will sit higher in the water allowing the hoppers to sit well clear of the water, this makes the bait and rig release easier. The Microcat HD is supplied with Heavy Duty 12 Ah batteries which give a continuous running time in excess of 2 hours and makes them 10% or more faster across the water than any previous microcat model.

The Microcat HD carries a similar amount of bait as previous Microcats and works by a 2.4Ghz radio system, the batteries in the handset will operate the boat for well over 24 hours and they do not need rechargeable batteries.


2.4Ghz FM 4 channel radio system, this system gives less interference and no more clashing with other bait boat users.

2 ultrasonic sealed zero maintenance motors give fast, efficient and quiet use, so you don't disturb other anglers on the lake, or the carp!

Designed for use with all baits, including sticky particles. The 2 hopper design can be opened separately or both together, the separately opening facility allows you to drop bait off in more than one spot without the need to come back in and refill.

The Microcat HD can be moved forward or reversed at various speed by a microprocessor. 6 ultra high intensity LEDS give a spotlight making the bait boat visible at long range, even in the day time.

The lighting is controlled remotely, even at range.

They have a removable battery system so that you can change the batteries with ease.

The new hull has been built around a stable catamaran design and is hydro dynamically efficient, so that it goes across the water with ease and won't capsize.

It is possible to add an echo sounder to the bait boat if you wish, just like other Angling Technics bait boats.

Dimensions 690mm x 370 mm x 220mm and weighs 9kg including the HD batteries

Using the HD batteries you will get in excess of 2 hours running time at full speed.

The Microcat HD doesn't have an external aerial, as it is mounted inside the boat, so no more getting the boat stuck under low lying tree branches.

The bait boat comes fitted with a standard bait boat bag, a great improvement, as everyone needs one.

Phil Fry founded Angling Technics way back in 1992, he used to have a tackle shop before, his sole aim was designing and building the best bait boat he could for carp fishing. Over time his company has grown rapidly with many new products and even better bait boats.

He is based at Crudwell in Wiltshire right on the edge of the Cotswold Water Park. He doesn't have far to go to field test his boats on some of the best carp waters in the country. Phil has built up a very good business by sticking to good principles of after sales service, attention to detail, technical help, servicing and repairs. And guess what they are made in the UK.

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