Nash Groundhog Brolly

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Nash Groundhog Brolly

Constructed around an improved spaceframe with a more compact central stub and internal rib assembly, the Groundhog has unrivalled headroom for a brolly system, allowing bedchairs to be tucked well away from gusting wind and rain yet maintaining maximum visibility.

A slick, tape seamed Aqua Sense Hydra cover beads rain away quickly, with a front gutter keeping water out in the heaviest downpours. Four ribs in contact with the ground and twin storm rod support keeps the Groundhog rooted even in extreme weather.

Weighing just 3.2 kg without pegs and storm rods it’s the lightest, most compact brolly system yet.

Extreme waterproof Aqua Sense Hydra cover

Spaceframe rib and hub for vastly increased

internal room

Reinforced rib ends

Supplied with twin 36 inch storm sticks

Four swivel storm rod caps

Four rear rib ground contact for total stability

Rain gutter prevents front water run off

Optional heavy duty groundsheet

Nash Groundhog Brolly

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