We stock a large range of carp rods to suit all different types of waters and different sizes of fish, we are a main dealer for Free Spirit, Daiwa, Shimano, Fox, Nash, Sonik, Korum, and Avid. When deciding which rod to buy there are a number of key points to take into account. The first and the most important is the test curve of the rod, if you are fishing at close range on small waters then a 2.5lb or 2.75lb test curve is fine, if you are fishing a big gravel pit and need to cast a long way then a 3.25lb or 3.5lb is ideal. For medium size waters then a 3lb test curve is ideal. The basic rule of thumb is the further you need to cast the the heavier the test curve of the rod. If the fish in your lake are very big you may need to increase the test curve slightly or if the water is very weedy making it harder to land the fish once it is hooked. The other thing that may influence the size of rod you choose is the need to cast a PVA bag, a PVA bag full of pellets and a lead is quite heavy so a larger test curve will help. The most popular test curve for fishing in this country is easily a 3lb test curve.


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