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As a leading fishing tackle and bait shop, we have a comprehensive selection of high-performance bait and additives. At Bristol Angling centre, we have everything you’ll need whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, from some of the biggest and best brands in the bait and tackle industry including CC Moore, Nash, Sticky Baits, and Mainline.

As an online bait shop, we’re committed to offering anglers everything that we ourselves would use. There is a huge variety to choose from, which is why we stock cheap fishing bait for freebies all the way up to the highest-quality boilies to help you land your target specimen.

Bait to Use for Fishing

You might have prepared a prefect rig and be using professional equipment, but without the right bait, you’ll struggle to land anything. Each species has it’s own behaviours and environment it’s adapted to, so each fish has its own dietary tendencies. This means you’ll have to adapt the bait you’re using depending on your target specimen and where you’re fishing.

Here, we’ll breakdown the different types of bait we offer, and what they’re used for.


Boilies are a popular choice for carp fishing and are frequently considered as the best carp bait. A boilie is a spherical bait that is filled with nutrients and often strong flavours to attract carp. They come in various sizes in three different types: “shelf-lifes”, “Freezers”, and “pop ups”.

Freezer boilies are so-called because they contain fresh ingredients, and thus need to be kept frozen. Because they need to be kept under ice, it makes them inconvenient for longer fishing trips. Shelf-life boilies solve this problem by being able to be stored at room temperature, whilst still being alluring to fish. Pop-up boilies are buoyant, as they either contain cork or air, and are used as hookbait.


Groundbait is a powdered fishing bait that is used to attract fish into a certain area. There are several different ingredients used as groundbait, the two most popular being milled breadcrumbs, and fishmeal. When mixed with water it’ll form into a putty type substance. There are a variety of additives to make your groundbait more appealing for certain species and accommodate the mixture to your swim. 

Liquid Additives

Liquid additives act as an attractant to your bait, to further increase the allure of it. These liquids are pungent and intensely flavoured to be irresistible for specific species. Carp anglers often soak their boilies in the liquid to release more flavour in the water. You can also mix these liquid additives into your groundbait to prevent it from breaking down too quickly. Additives are particularly useful if the fish have a lower appetite or are fussy with your choice of bait. 


Pellets are a highly versatile form of bait. Pellets are smaller and easier to breakdown than boilies, but they are able to be used as an additive to used in a feeder, shot into the swim with a catapult or added as a part of your rig.

For carp fishing, pellets can even be used as an alternative to boilies, but pellets are generally most popular for targeting barbel and tench. Like boilies, there are a huge variety of flavours, sizes and types of pellet that can float, sink, and expanded when exposed to water. 


Particle baits are often used as an additive to your groundbait to keep your target species in your swim for a longer period of time. They can also be used as a hookbait. Carp tend to love maize particles because of its vibrant colour and naturally sweet flavour. It’s also a much cheaper option than using boilies if you’re planning on prebaiting an area.

Base Mixes

Base mixes are for anglers that want to create their own boilies for specific environments and swims. If you’re happy to buy carp bait ingredients separately, then creating your own boilies is time-consuming, but ultimately much cheaper than buying ready-made boilies. With our selection of base mixes, ensure your boilies are both nutritious and attractive to maximise the chances of catching carp.

If you’d rather not use your favourite cooking sets to create your bait, we have a huge range of specialist bait making equipment. The CC Moore Cork Ball Pop Up Roller perfectly rolls identical baits with a centred cork ball without air gaps to achieve peak rig performance.

Artificial Baits

Modern innovation has allowed angling experts and manufacturers to produce excellent quality artificial bait if you aren’t able to carry live fishing bait. As well as artificial particles and boilies, we stock artificial maggots that are excellent value for money and very effective for carp fishing when paired with feeders or sweetcorn. Imitation bait is also often coated in research-backed attractive flavours to make them uniquely irresistible.

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