Bite Alarms

We stock a large range of Bite alarms, receivers and batteries from all the leading brands including Delkim, Nash, Fox, Gardner and Korum. There is something for every budget from the top of the range Delkim Txi to entry level Fox Micron alarms.

Bite alarms seem to get better and better every year as quality, design and reliability improve. Every year one of the top brands bring out a new and better design all with the intention of catching you more fish, in the last ten years sensitivity and reliability have improved in leaps and bounds, with the top of the range alarms like the Nash Siren or Fox Micron a fish has to only breathe near a bait and you will know about it. Reliability has always been a problem in the past, its no good if it rains and your alarms stop working, it can spoil your whole session, but with modern bite alarms this is a thing of the past.