We stock a comprehensive range of Bite indicators suitable for carp fishing made by Nash, Korda, Delkim, Fox, Cygnet, Matrix, Avid, ESP and Gardner. In this range you can find an indicator system that will suit the waters you fish, from the smallest commercial water to the largest european inland sea. Most brands have a system that allows you customise your indicators to suit not just the water but the type of rigs you want to fish, wether its tight lines for drop backs next to a snag or slack lining with a chod rig over weed.

The colour of the indicator heads can be customised to match the Led's on your bite alarms, weights can be added to compensate for any undertow caused by the wind and you can choose the type of indicator arm, stiff quiver type arms for drop backs or chains for slack lining. Most companies also make presentation cases so that your indicators can be safely stored without risk of damage.

The most indicator systems are the Cygnet Clinga, Fox Black Label, Fox Swinger, Nash Hanger and Matrix Dinky.