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  1. Fox Ranger MK2 Camo Pod
    Fox Ranger MK2 Camo Pod
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    Starting at £429.99

  2. Sonik AXS Camo Bivvy
    Sonik AXS Camo Bivvy
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  3. Nash Tackle Hand Towel
    Nash Tackle Hand Towel
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    Starting at £9.99

  4. Nash Ronnie Claw Ready Rig
    Nash Ronnie Claw Ready Rig
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    Starting at £2.49

  5. Nash Lead Clip Kit
    Nash Lead Clip Kit
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    Starting at £5.99

  6. Delkim Nitelite Pro LED Hanger
    Delkim Nitelite Pro LED Hanger
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    Starting at £24.99

  7. Delkim Opal SlimLite Indication Set
    Delkim Opal SlimLite Indication Set
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    Starting at £34.99

  8. Delkim Rx-D Hard Case
    Delkim Rx-D Hard Case
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  9. Cygnet Clinga Dumpy Bobbin Kit x 3
    Cygnet Clinga Dumpy Bobbin Kit x 3
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    Starting at £29.99

  10. Cygnet Spot Marker
    Cygnet Spot Marker
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    Starting at £19.99

  11. Fox Black Label Slim Buzz Bars
    Fox Black Label Slim Buzz Bars
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    Starting at £16.99

  12. Sonik Insurgent Carp Rod
    Sonik Insurgent Carp Rod
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    Starting at £139.99

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Items 1-24 of 3296

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Carp Fishing Supplies

The UK’s freshwater lakes and rivers are home to several types of carp, including the popularly fished common carp, mirror carp and leather carp. Thanks to their ability to grow to great sizes and tendency to be both crafty and tenacious, fishing for carp has become the fastest-growing and most popular form of angling in the UK.

There are a lot of options when it comes to carp fishing, there’s the choice of fishing in still water in a lake, in a running stream, or within a commercial fishery. Depending on where you choose to fish will also then determine the tackle you bring with you. As a result, the amount of tackle for carp fishing can get extensive.

At Bristol Angling Centre we stock a huge range of carp tackle online: from bedchairs and bait, to rods and reels, from the biggest and best brands including Fox, Nash, Shimano and Daiwa. So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned angler, you can find all the gear you’ll need on our online tackle shop.

Shop For A Complete Carp Fishing Setup

If you’re a beginner, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge and equipment required for carp fishing. We’ll be able to guide you through the essential tackle you’ll need to get before you head out for your first trip. At Bristol Angling Centre, we have all the carp fishing gear you’ll need. 

Carp Fishing Rods

When picking a rod for carp fishing, there are three things to consider: the length of the rod and the test curve. Depending on where you choose to cast out will affect which rod you pick. 

Carp rods are typically 12ft in length, with the longer 13ft rods used to cast further and into deeper waters. The rod’s test curve is the measurement of the amount of weight is required to bring the rod tip to a 90-degree angle to the butt as the rod is held upright. The higher the rod’s test curve, the further you will be able to cast.

Many anglers use a fishing pole for angling carp in certain swims, but a rod and reel is the most common preference. Using a rod means you can also set up a rod pod, allowing you to cast multiple rigs. A rod pod allows you to cast into multiple locations and hold the rigs steady, meaning you can sit down and watch the world go by.


There are two types of fishing reels: baitrunners, and big pit reels. Also known as a freespool reel, a baitrunner reel is a more simple reel that has a mechanism to stop the carp from pulling the line. This mechanism is disengaged once the angler turns the reel handle. 

A big pit reel is larger, and has the capacity to add more line and is able to be cast out further than a baitrunner. At Bristol Angling Centre we stock many of the most popular and high-end reels from brands like Daiwa and Fox. Shimano’s range of reels in particular use some of the lightest and most durable materials on the market to produce top-quality reels.

Rigs For Carp Fishing

A rig is the assembly of tackle at the end of your main line, and is used to present your bait in the water. Preparing a good rig is key to catching carp, so learning how to make and use a variety of rigs will give you the best chance. 

One of the most popular rigs to catch carp with is the hair rig, where the bait is attached to a piece of line, known as the hair, instead of the hook. We’re a specialist carp tackle shop, so as well as a great range of ready-tied hair rigs, we offer various other end tackle that will be vital in your carp fishing kit.

You’ll need a place to store your terminal tackle as you make minor adjustments your rigs, so we recommend getting a tackle box to keep your carp gear safe and organised.


There are a lot of options when it comes to using and even delivering bait for angling. Carp are omnivorous and crafty, so choosing the right colour, flavour, mixes, and delivery method is key. Boilies are the most popular option for baiting carp– they are hard spherical balls and are split into two types: shelf-life and freezer. 

Many anglers pre-bait an area before casting out, to draw the fish into an area. Consider whether you’ll be using a ground bait mix or particles like corn. You’ll also need a spod or a spomb to accurately dispense your bait, and even a catapult to distribute pellets or particles.


There are three types of fishing line used by anglers: monofilament, braid, and fluorocarbon. Each type of line has attributes that suit certain applications, conditions, and the bait you are using.

One key consideration for all three types is the line’s breaking strain, which simply means how much force can be exerted until the line snaps. A breaking strain of 15lbs to 20lbs is a good starting point for beginners.

Bite Indicators

A bite alarm is a great way to keep an eye on whether something is taking your bait. A bite alarm electronically measures the tension of your line, and when you line tension increases it will produce a sound and visual signal to warn you. 

A wireless bite alarm is brilliant if you plan on fishing overnight; the alarm can transmit to a receiver in your bivvy to wake you up in the event of a bite. Make sure you use a set of bobbins to indicate when a fish takes the bait and swims towards the bank.

Landing Nets

After wrestling to get your carp under control you’ll want a landing net to get your catch onto the bank. Without a durable and good quality net, you’ll struggle to safely lift a heavy specimen out of the water.

For most carp in the UK, a 42” landing net will be sufficient size to use on most occasions. At Bristol Angling we stock a wide range of top-quality nets in various sizes, alongside spare mesh, handles and other important fish care products

Overnight Equipment

Anglers can spend days at a time fishing for carp, so as well as the essential tackle, we also stock a wide range of overnight equipment dedicated to keeping you dry and comfortable. We stock a comprehensive range of bivvy shelters, cooking supplies, bedchairs, and sleeping bags to accommodate you. 

All of this carp fishing equipment is specially designed for anglers to stay warm and sheltered whilst still able to easily leap out to respond to a bite alarm.

As a leading carp fishing shop, Bristol Angling Centre has all the tackle and supplies you’ll need.

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