Banksticks + Buzz Bars

We stock a huge range of Banksticks and Buzz Bars from top brands like Nash, Fox, Cygnet, Matrix, Korda, Gardner, Jag Products, Korum, Sonik and Trakker. There is something for everyone in this range wether they fish small intimate waters or fish the largest gravel pits. Lots of anglers still prefer buzz bars to rod pods, they are a lot lighter to carry around and take up a lot less room in the rucksack or barrow bag. They are manufactured from a variety of different materials including stainless steel, which is very strong and should last you a lifetime or carbon fibre which is ultra light but doesn't have the durability of heavier materials.

The banksticks and buzz bars come in an assortment of different lengths and sizes, so you can pick and choose the number of rods that you wish to use and the length of bankstick to suit how high you want your rods off the ground. the long banksticks are ideal for storm poles to keep your bivvy or umbrella steady in the wind. There is also an assortment of front and rear rod rests along with stage stands in an number of sizes, to suit the diameter of your bank sticks. Stage stands allow you to use a bankstick set up when fishing on a wooden platform, instead of a rod pod.

The latest designs, such as the Korda Singlez, allow you to fish with a bank stick for each rod, this is a very compact and stable set up. Jag Products make a very comprehensive range of stainless steel buzz bars and bank sticks, which are very strong and could last you a lifetime.