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  1. Nash Shallow Box
    Nash Shallow Box
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  2. Nash Needle Box
    Nash Needle Box
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  3. Nash Hook Box
    Nash Hook Box
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    Starting at £7.99

  4. Nash Chod Box Black
    Nash Chod Box Black
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  5. Nash TT Rig Station and Testing Tank
    Nash TT Rig Station and Testing Tank
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    Special Price £129.99 £142.99
  6. Korda Accessory Box
    Korda Accessory Box
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  7. Korda Leader Safe
    Korda Leader Safe
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    Starting at £5.99

  8. Korda Mini Compartment Boxes
    Korda Mini Compartment Boxes
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    Starting at £6.99

  9. Korda Tackle Box
    Korda Tackle Box
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  10. Fox F Box Magnetic Rig Box System Lids
    Fox F Box Magnetic Rig Box System Lids
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    Starting at £10.99

  11. Fox F Box Magnetic Disc & Rig Box System
    Fox F Box Magnetic Disc & Rig Box System
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    Starting at £24.99

  12. Fox Royal System Box Set - Medium
    Fox Royal System Box Set Green
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    Starting at £32.99

  13. Fox F Box Deluxe Medium Double Tackle Box
    Fox F Box Deluxe Medium Double Tackle Box
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    Special Price £54.99 £64.99
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Items 1-24 of 41

Set Descending Direction

Keeping your fishing tackle organised and secure means that you’ll spend less time rooting around for your kit, and more time by the water. Most anglers, whether they’re experienced or beginners tend to collect a lot of gear, which means having a suitable fishing tackle box is as vital to store your equipment. It’s probably the least exciting aspect of fishing, but having all your crucial tackle organised and at hand can make all the difference. 

At Bristol Angling we stock a wide variety of tackle storage products and fishing luggage in all shapes and sizes from well-known and specialised tackle brands such as Korda, Trakker and Fox.

What To Put In A Carp Tackle Box

For carp fishing, your tackle boxes are typically used to store your terminal tackle– being the gear that attaches to the line and comes into contact with the fish. Gear such as your hooks, floats, fishing line, lures, sinkers and even other handy tools like pliers, a flashlight or insect repellant. Our Korda tackle box bundle features modular compartments that allow you to easily and efficient storage of all your end tackle.

Small Tackle Boxes

For anglers packing light or beginners who have limited equipment, we have several smaller boxes that have enough capacity to store the essential tackle for carp fishing. Novice anglers should get in the habit of keeping their tackle organised before it grows into an extensive collection. 

Large Tackle Boxes

As well as storing a more comprehensive range of carp fishing equipment, a larger tackle box be used to also store overnight gear, bait, and other accessories needed for a lengthier fishing trip.

Fishing Rig Boxes

Our rig boxes are designed specifically to store pre-tied rigs, meaning you can prepare your rigs in the comfort of your home rather than at the water’s edge. Our large Korda Rigsafe box comes with standard pins to hold loops in place to prevent knots and tangles, meaning your rig is ready to go when you reach the bank.

Zig Boxes

A zig box holds ready-tied zig rigs on spools. It can take time to alter the length of zigs, so having a storage box to hold multiple pre-tied zig rigs of different lengths can pay dividends if you’re on a time limit. 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution rather than a tackle box and a fishing chair combination, our range of fishing seat boxes offers you a way of integrating your gear, meaning you’ll have less kit to carry around.

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