Landing Nets

We stock a large range of carp landing nets to cater for the largest carp and catfish that you might catch abroad or the double figure fish from your local lake, they are made by Free Spirit, Nash, Fox, Trakker, Drennan, Avid, Sonik, Prologic, Matrix, and Gardner. In the smaller sizes they are perfectly suited to small water double figure fish or other species such as bream, tench, barbel, large chub andeven big perch.

The choice of handles are available in different lengths to suit your venue, some are 2 piece which is great for transporting around or used at the shorter length in a boat. Some of the handles are made from fibreglass or carbon fibre, the most expensive are made from high modulus carbon, which is very strong and light. The less expensive are made from fibreglass, the weakest point on any landing net handle is the spreader block, the more expensive nets have a metal or very high grade carbon spreader blocks.

The landing net arms come in different lengths, 42" being the most popular size for carp fishing in the uk, larger sizes are used abroad where the carp and catfish grow a lot bigger than over here. These arms are made from the same materials as the handle, either carbon or fibreglass. The mesh for nets come in various colours from black, green and camo. They are also available in different depths with the deepest nets most suitable for big carp and catfish, the shallower nets are designed for competition carp anglers who want to land the fish and get back in the water again, therefore saving time.

Most companies make a landing net to match their range of rods, for example Free Spirit Hi S, Nash Scope, Dwarf, Pursuit, Fox Warrior and Sonik vader