Air Arms

At Air Arms they believe in commitment to excellence in order to create product superiority and that commitment begins with production technology that is applied to everything they do by the skill of their staff. The Air Arms philosophy of ‘only the finest’ is maintained through research, design, development and production, and it is constantly challenged by a quality control team.

Air Arms believe they are the best because that position was the only one acceptable, and many customers will share that stance as they continue to be the best as their products constantly evolve to meet the demands of our customers new and old, and they already know only the best will do for them.

You and Air Arms could be a winning combination, because at Air Arms they put you first. When you view the quality of the products within Air Arms' range it shows you where Air Arms is today and how they managed to get there. Air Arms is a Modern, progressive company that maintains its position through investment into the latest technology and people, whilst withholding a history and a heritage of which they are extremely proud of. Air Arms knows that cutting edge technology and traditional gunmaking skills can be combined successfully, because they built their reputation on it.

1983 is where the Air Arms story began, when company founder, Bob Nicholls, and his General Manager, Colin King, were joined by Bill Sanders in the role of Sales and Marketing Manager. At that time, airguns themselves and the industry that produced them certainly could not be described as ‘hi-tech’, but Air Arms would soon go on to lead the way. In 1988, the decision was made to produce a pre-charged pneumatic rifle, and with the success of that decision, the company made another one — it would invest in Computer Numerically Controlled production machinery.

By the mid- 1990s, the tremendous advantages of CNC production technology had been fully embraced at Air Arms, allowing them to continue expanding and refining its range of pre-charged and spring-piston air rifles, and entering a long lasting UK distribution partnership with John Rothery Wholesale. Further expertise and creativity was provided from world class consultants, such as Ken Turner and Nick Jenkinson and as product quality continued to rise so did the sales of Air Arms rifles. By the time the world awoke to a New Millennium, the vision, expertise and countless hours of hard work invested by Bob Nicholls, Colin King, Bill Sanders and their staff, had taken Air Arms to the top, where it’s remained ever since.

Getting to the level they are at now was hard enough, but staying there required everything already invested, and more. Bob Nicholls and his team re-grouped, re-planned, and re-invested for the future, and today the company produces sporting air rifles that set the hunting standard, and competition rifles that win world championships, all supplied through a network of international distributors. As goals are achieved and new milestones passed, Air Arms retains the same drive and standards of its founder, Bob Nicholls, who passed away in 2011. Those who now take the company forward do so on a foundation of the principles he pioneered, and that’s one thing that will always remain.

Air Arms is the best, because the finest airgun products in the world carry its name, and proof of this is on every product with their name on it. Air Arms - where your shooting dreams become reality.

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