Angling Technics

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Angling Technics was founded back in 1992 with the sole purpose of designing & building a specialist bait boat and are now known throughout the world of specialist anglers and Angling Technics is invariably the first name mentioned whenever baitboats are discussed.

Their reputation has been built on delivering nothing but the best, the most innovative and reliable products that assist you increasing your catch rate and help put more fish on the bank.

Over the years the Company has accelerated its development program and many new products have been added to the vast range of fishing aids from bait boats such as the popular Microcat MK3 to accessories like carry bags and echo sounders

Angling Technics pride themselves on attention to detail, which is clear to see in all of their products, as well as after sales service, technical help and servicing and repairs which they do to all of their boats regardless of age.

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