BSA has grown from a small union of gunsmiths to become one of Britain's important industrial groups just over the hundred years they have been running. The story of BSA's success is one entirely built on easy going steady progress and expansion, a lot of drama and excitement has also been thrown in along the way to make the brand what it is today. BSA has also served its country more directly than most, making its story also part of Britain's history. During the First World War existing BSA factories were turned over almost entirely to munitions work, manufacturing huge quantities of service rifles, machine guns, military motorcycles, and even the world's first folding bicycles to be supplied to the troops. And during WW2 BSA made, 568,100 .303 Browning machine guns, 1,250,000 .303 Lee Enfield rifles and 60,000 7.92 'BESA' machine guns.

BSA has been making gun barrels of the highest quality for many years and is the only volume manufacturer of Air Rifles which uses Cold Hammer Forged barrels that are usually reserved for use in high grade and military Fire Arms. Special steel is used for BSA barrels which work hardens when it is cold 'swaged' to enhance the wearing qualities of the rifling. The barrels are produced from solid bars that are deep hole drilled on specialist deep hole drilling machines, this method ensures that the bore is straight and has a superior surface finish ready for swaging.

BSA's commitment to excellence is made possible through the dedication and loyalty of every member of the BSA Guns family, with their employees believing that quality, service and standards of excellence should never be compromised. As well as that, the excellence in research and creativity results in exciting and creative new products that meet the changing needs of the consumer, whilst maintaining excellence in quality manufacturing practices guarantees products that exceed industry standards. All of that topped off with excellent customer service assures loyalty and happy customers.

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