Dynamite Baits

Dynamite Baits has become one of europe's largest bait companies, they manufacture, from their premises near Nottingham, a massive range of carp fishing and match fishing baits. This huge range includes boilies, pellets, particles, groundbaits, pop-ups, stick mixes, liquid attractants and boilie paste. Dynamite Baits were the first company to produce cooked hempseed in a tin, the quality was excellent and in no time at all they sold millions of cans, this launched them into the bait market big time.

Later they started to produce their own range of boilies and the first of these was formulated by Terry Hearn and called 'The Source'. The unique secret formula and texture was something the carp loved and 'The Source' caught a staggering amount of large carp. The Swimstim range of pellets and groundbaits was another huge success for them and has accounted for some huge catches of fish. The main reason for this success was due to the technology and expertise used in the production of high quality Koi pellets.

Dynamite Baits sponsor a large of top quality anglers including Terry Hearn, Rob Hughes, Mark Bartlett, Andy May and Nick Speed. Their website is full of help articles, tips and videos, plus a full in-depth look at all of their product range and all the news that is happening around the fishing world. The site also has a section where anglers can post their catches with a chance to win competitions.