Fortis Eyewear manufacture some the most fashionable polarised sunglasses a carp angler could need, they help you see farther and deeper into the water by reducing surface glare and they also protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet light which reduces eye strain in any light conditions.

Al Fortis Eyewear sunglasses are fully protective from UVA, which are ultraviolet rays that damage deep into the dermis, they also protect against UVB(short wave ultraviolet rays that burn the surface of the skin. Fortis have a prescription service available, so if you wear glasses this service is perfect.

Fortis Eyewear's polarised lenses are manufactured by fitting a special filter to block out light. This filter is like invisible parallel lines in the lenses that stop the light which prevents you looking deep into the water, where the big fish live. Absolutely essential for stalking carp and other big fish.

Fortis produce a range of fashionable eyewear, there is something to suit everyone, wether you want to catch more fish or just look cool down the pub, they have something for everyone. Fortis originally started selling to carp anglers but fly, match an predator anglers all buy them.

In the range that Fortis Eyewear make you will find a number of key features including Triple X Technology, Switch Technology and Xblok technology. The differences are in the lenses, some are better for low light levels and others are better for bright days, some are more scratch resistant than others, amongst the range you will find something that suits whatever you want from a pair of polarised glasses.

More recently Fortis have moved into selling high spec, high tech clothing for the Carp angler, equally as trendy as their glasses with great success. Their Snugpak range has been really popular as well as their FJ6 and elements range.