Free Spirit

Free Spirit have built a philosophy around producing the best products that they can, everything that has their name on it has undergone extensive field testing and taking months, some even years, before they release the product, this ensures that when you buy a Free Spirit rod you are not going to have any problems and you are buying the best that is available. They base this philosophy on the basis that if you are happy with your purchase you are going to come back again and again for another Free Spirit item.

Free Spirit is a relatively small and exclusive company who have developed a range of rods to match the most discerning and exacting customer's requirements. The back-up and service that they provide with every product they produce is second to none. They employ some of the best rod builder's in the country, this allows individual customers to have customised rods built exactly how they want them. You wouldn't buy a set of golf clubs off the shelf, yet lots of people accept off the shelf rods. This customising service allows you to choose the exact length of handle you want, choice of handle types and other factors tailored to your needs.

Free Spirit go to great lenght's to ensure that every rod they produce, the rings are whipped along the backbone, or the spine, of the rod, this ensures that casting and playing fish everything is performing at the optimum. Their rods have a unique 'Perdurable' blank finish that gives a life long finish to each rod, a quick rub down with a silicon cloth to restore it.

All the designs of each rod are unique to Free Spirit, and made from the best available Japanese carbon, and all have their own reel seats, guides, cork handles, EVA and fittings that are availble. Over the years Free Spirit have produced some classic rods, including the Hi-'S' range, The E-class, The S-lite and the more recent CTX range of Carp Rods, more recently Free Spirit have put their technology into producing a range of Hi-S match rods and Hi-S feeders rods along with the CTX range of match and feeder rods all of which have been good sellers.