Mainline Baits are the number 1 brand in the world for carp baits, they have been since they were first set up in 1990. They are based at Billericay in Essex and their baits have caught a huge amount of carp worldwide, the companies aim has always been to help the angler catch more and more fish and at the same time giving the carp a top quality food that they need to grow and thrive.

Mainline bait can be relied upon to catch fish all over the world, if a customer comes into the shop and says what bait would you recommend for XYZ water, we can sell them a bag of Mainline knowing that if they don't catch its not down to the bait, there have been many occasions when the same fish has been caught over and over again on the same Mainline boilie, this happens regularly with Mainline Cell, its the ideal bait to take to a new water when fishing it for the first time or a heavily fished day ticket water that sees lots of different baits.

Mainline have a team of expert carp anglers that when combined with their contacts in the food industry are able to produce the ultimate carp bait, some of the most successful carp anglers in the world swear by Mainline Baits, whether they are fishing summer or winter, Mainline does the business.

Mainline Baits success is not just limited to its range of frozen boilies, they make a range of liquid attractants that when combined with their base mixes gives such great results. They also make a very successful range of high-impact shelflife boilies along with pop-ups and stick or bag mixes. All these baits have been designed with the carp in mind, which is the secret to Mainline Baits success.

Mainline Baits have a very helpful website with an area for customers to upload their catches, it also lists all their consultants with pictures of the many fish that they have caught. The 'News' section of their website keeps you up to date with everything new that is happening in 'Mainlines' world, you can find out early when new baits are going to be available, so you can be the first on it.