Sonu Baits

SonuBaits is leading the field in modern bait development, they have a leading field of top class anglers who advise and improve the bait range, these include England International Des Shipp and Lee Kerry, top commercial angler Andy Findlay and Andy Power, top specialist anglers Dai Gribble and Ade Kiddell and many more. These anglers are out on the bank every week giving feedback to Sonubaits about their products and improving them where they can. All this top advice means there is a quality bait to suit every angler and every situation.

The quality of the baits they produce and their ability to source the best ingredients when this is combined with their top secret recipes and extensive knowledge of fish behaviour makes a range of baits that any angler can go fishing with the knowledge that they are using the best available that guarantees a great days sport.

The Sonubaits website is packed full of tips from their consultants, to help you catch more every time you use one of their products, they also have a video section that demonstrates their consultants using the products, agin lots of hints and tips, especially mixing baits to get the best from them.There is a section with a profile of each of the Sonubaits consultants, so you can find a consultant that matches your style of fishing and learn from him.

Sonubaits makes a large range of all different baits including bait additives, bag mixes, boilies, pellets, floaters, groundbaits, hookbaits, liquids, tinned baits, paste, pop-ups, spod mix and wafters.