Sticky Baits

Sticky Baits manufacture carp baits that are designed to put the well being of the carp first, only top quality ingredients and unique recipes are used to produce their baits, which makes Sticky baits irresistable to the fish.

Sticky Baits have spent a huge amount of time researching what makes a good carp bait, they found that only the best and freshest ingredients make the best baits. So Sticky sourced these ingredients from all over the world and then spent lots and lots of time field testing them on waters all over the country, Sticky Baits have one of the largest group of field testers in Europe. With all this knowledge they have produced some of the most successful boilies that the carp have ever seen!!!

Sticky Baits is used by some of the biggest names in carp fishing, including Adam Penning, the legendary Martin Bowler, Gareth Fareham, Jack Funnell, Luke Stevenson, Daren 'Tinpot' Norman, Adam Smith, Marcus Howarth, Tom Maker, Jake Wildbore, and Rich Seeds to name just a few. The input from this group of top quality anglers mean that every bait that Sticky Baits produce has been field tested and got the thumbs up from these anglers as well as the carp.

All the bait produced by Sticky Baits is produced in their own factory, so they have total control over the manufacturing process, this means that every last little detail is in their control, from the temperature of the freezers they use, the water filtration systems, the time from boiling to freezing, everything is researched and optimised to ensure that you are buying the best quality bait that is available, and the carp love it.

Sticky Baits have produced some 'classic' boilies in their time, including The Krill, Manilla and Bloodworm.