Thinking Anglers

Thinking Anglers was originally formed by Steve Fantauzzi and Ben Hamilton back in 2005, their aim was to design a range of tackle for the angler who wanted to stay mobile and not get bogged down with all the trapping of the weekend angler, who takes everything you would need for a fortnights fishing plus the kitchen sink, when they are only doing a 24 hour session. They coined the phrase 'just the right kit' and it has been the motto that has lead them to design and manufacture a large range of carp fishing tackle as well as a range of predator fishing tackle.

Steve and Ben spent 17 years working in a local tackle, near the famous Yateley complex, shop before they set up Thinking Anglers, when they worked at their local tackle shop they learnt what the modern carp anglers needs from their tackle and they set about designing some truely innovative products. Both Steve and Ben are excellent anglers and have caught a large number of massive fish, this has helped them to design a range of quality products that demonstrate their eye for detail, and they are constantly improving on what they design and manufacture.

Some of the first products they brought out were chod ring swivels, elasticated tip tops, snag bars, hook beads, ring swivels and what the revolutionary carp care kit, many of these products have now been copied by lots of other carp tackle manufacturers. Another 'first' for Thinking Anglers was a range of tungsten products, including a tungsten hooklength material called 'Tungskin' and Tungsten beads.

Thinking Anglers have also produced a range of Luggage, built with the same attention to detail, innovative design and top quality, designed with the discerning angler in mind. Ben and Steve are always working hard to improve this range and keep bringing out new and better products, the sort of luggage they would want to buy themselves if they didn't make it.