Nash Entity Carp Rods 12ft

Nash Entity Carp Rods 12ft
Nash Entity Carp Rods 12ft - 0% APR Finance Available min spend £350

Example - Spend £350 - 10% deposit £35 and 12 monthly payments of just £26.25

Never before have such outstanding quality rods been available for so little – making Entity the most remarkable rod range that Kevin Nash has ever designed. NEW for 2015 now available with cork handles!

2.75lb abbreviated handle

Regular Price: £109.99

Special Price £79.99

3.5lb Shrink Handle

Regular Price: £162.99

Special Price £79.99



Nash Entity Carp Rods 12ft

These rods offer unbelievable value for money, with a stunning carbon finish.

The lads have Nash have done a really good job with this range of rods, the design team are fishing all the time, even when they should be fishing, and they know exactly what anglers really need from their rods. you wont find any 40mm butt rings on these rods.

Two different types of handle are available with these models, either an abbreviated or a full shrink tube handle

These rods are Nash Tackle's New Mid priced Rods, they have a lovely through action Blank.

A brilliant looking carbon finish on the rods.

A stylish Carbon Line Clip about a foot above the reel seat.

Slim Butt

Smart Entity graphics

50mm Butt Ring (on selected models)

This is a range of rods you really must look at seriously, as we have no doubt that in some ways they are the most remarkable rods that Kevin Nash has ever designed.

What we mean by that is that nothing comes close to these rods when you look at what you are getting for your money.

Consider this; take the 12ft 3.5lb abbreviated with superb cosmetics, but as you know, it is easy to dress up a dog and hide the fact its performance is next to useless.

Terry Edmunds has cast this rod over a hundred and seventy five yards. Some rods of twice this money can not be cast that far.

Six generation woven carbon. Abbreviated butt with slimline shrink grip. Genuine Fiji reel seat. Quality carbon line clip. Ringed for distance with 50mm guides ( 3lb and 3.5lb t.c )

Nash Entity Carp Rods 12ft

Total Carp Magazine Review

Nowadays you can get a lot for your money when buying a set of rods and the Kevin Nash-inspired Entities are no exception. Despite being extremely competitively priced, they’re packed with performance.

They are available in three test curves, namely 2.75lb, 3lb and 3.5lb, and all are12ft, with the latter two ringed for distance, including the all-important 50mm butt rings. A longer version wasn’t produced because it would have made them much more expensive for not a lot of gain in performance.

As 12ft rods, though, they certainly live up to this ‘chucking rod’ spec. Tournament caster Terry Edmonds used a 3.5lb version to cast a 4½oz lead more than 175 yards, a distance that many other rods might struggle to achieve. We’ve seen lots of rods that claim to be great for the big heave-ho, yet still forgiving enough in the tip to avoid hook-pulls. We’re not sure that this is 100 per cent achievable but the Entity certainly comes very close.

There’s something for the small-water angler too: the 2.75lb version is ringed for more close-range work, with a 40mm butt ring. In this guise, a superb all-round rod is available and, best of all, it’s even cheaper. All versions look great and are well specced, featuring a high-modulus carbon blank and Fuji real seats for unbeatable strength and reliability. A nice touch is the carbon line clip, which is halfway up the rod blank, as opposed to the more common position above the reel seat. We weren’t sure why this was, so we rang Kevin Nash and asked him.

He had this to say: “During testing we confirmed that having the line clip closer to the butt ring/bite alarm increased bobbin sensitivity significantly, due to the acute angle between the line clip and the alarm.” We like that kind of thinking and it’s certainly proof that these were developed meticulously.

There are also two options for the handle, either abbreviated or full-shrink to suit both preferences. For the tackle tarts there’s even a matching landing net with a super-slim 6ft carbon handle that complements the rods perfectly. Overall, these are brilliant rods and we reckon they’re genuinely worth more than the price tag. Top marks to Nashy and the team!

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