Cygnet Baiting Pole

Cygnet Baiting Pole

Simply load the tray with your hookbait and / or feed and assemble the pole as you float it out. The tray is supported on the surface by the high density foam float until you reach your required spot. Then simply tip your bait and hookbait in. Be sure to slacken your line so the hookbait doesn’t swing in towards you and away from the loose feed. To return, simply disassemble the pole as you retrieve it. Invaluable for getting under trees and tight to margins and features. Plus, you can cast to another bank, retrieve your rig and ship it out using the baiting pole from there!

Available in 12m & 16m Pole options, with 1.5m Extensions, Float, Spoon & a protective tube all available as extras.

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Cygnet Baiting Pole

16m Baiting Pole

Following on from the success of the 12m Baiting Pole, its longer brother boasts 10 put-together carbon composite sections. The 3/8 BSF thread is compatible with the Baiting Spoon and the Baiting Pole is fully compatible with the Cygnet 1.5m Baiting Pole Extensions and fits neatly into the original Baiting Pole Protection Tube.

12m Baiting Pole

The 12m Baiting Pole comes as a 7 section put-over carbon composite pole, that stores within itself, it combines with the Baiting Spoon and Baiting Spoon Float to deliver devastatingly accurate baiting anywhere within 12 metres of you!

Baiting Spoon

The busines end of any baiting pole; our Baiting Spoon will fit most landing net poles or storm rods via its 3/8 BSF thread. The spoon features an optional partition to keep wet bait separate from hookbaits, foam and PVA.

Spoon Float

The Baiting Spoon Float effortlessly supports the heaviest of payloads in any baiting spoon arrangement. It is held in place by locating the 3/8 BSF thread of your spoon through the smaller hole and screwing on to your baiting pole/stick. Then simply adjust the pull cord for a snug fit.

Baiting Pole Extension

If 12m just doesn't quite get you to the spots you want to be fishing, fear not. Cygnet have released a 1.5m extension created from the same strong, durable material as the 12m Baiting Pole, the 1.5m extension is the perfect solution for reaching those previously inaccessible areas.

The extension has a parallel profile, meaning you can add as many as you need, again and again. Finished in a trademark non-reflective satin black with discreet branding and supplied with protective end caps and a cloth bag.

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Cygnet Baiting Pole

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