Delkim D Lok Quick Release

Delkim D Lok Quick Realease System
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Delkim D Lok Quick Realease System

Bristol Angling Centre says

Sure to be a very popular item for any one with delkims, true delkim quality.

The Delkim D-Lok is a new unique dedicated quick release system that fits all Delkim bite alarms and allows quick attachment to all rod pods, buzz bars or bank sticks, without unscrewing, saves loads of assemble time.

The Delkim D-Lok is supplied as a complete set with shoe and foot.

The D-Lok feet can also be purchased as seperate items for people with more than one rod pods, buzz bars or bank sticks.

Delkim quick release system allows easy (push n’Lok) giving a secure hold for your delkims.

Once it is set up it gives perfect alignment, you only need to do it once.

Comes with stainless steel special delkim bolt which easily fit to all Delkims new and old.

Complete with a dedicated DuoCarb attachment.

Delkim D-Lok feet are available separately for other pods and buzz bars

Delkim D Lok Quick Release System, is sure to be winner.

Total Carp Magazine Review

A wide number of accessories are also available, including several that attach to the alarm to allow Delkim users to create a complete bite-indication system.

The first of these is the D-Lok quick-release system. This not only allows easy removal and replacement of the alarms from and back on to the buzz bars, but also allows perfect alignment of the alarms. This can often be a bugbear for carp anglers trying to get their alarms all secure and lined up on their buzz bars, but the D-Lok cures it instantly.

It attaches to the alarm and replaces the locking bolt via an easy removal and replacement of the two screws. It’s simple to do and the required tools are supplied in each D-Lok pack. Bite indication is catered for with the illuminated NiteLite Pro hangers, which plug straight into the socket on the bottom of the alarms and hang as any normal bobbin would. The difference is that when you get a bite the head lights up along with the alarm LED. They’re available in all of the colours to match each alarm option.

The DuoCarb carbon indicator arm can also be attached either directly to a D-Lok or via a supplied bracket, and this can be used to cradle the NiteLite Pro, thus creating a rigid ‘Swinger’-type indicator.

Finally, the Safe-D snag ears are brilliant additions to any Delkim alarm and provide removable carbon snag ears that can be used as a pair or individually.

In all, these accessories take your beloved Delkims to even dizzier heights and, as well as performing brilliantly, they all look the part too!

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