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Delkim Plus Bite Alarm, FREE batteries and postage with these Delkim alarms

TRIED & TESTED VIBRATION SENSING - Delkims patented system uses digital & microprocessor technology, giving proportional indication of line speed and vibration with no moving parts at all.

TWO SENSITIVITY RANGES - set by a switch with additional fine rotary adjustment for setting optimum sensitivity level to cover all conditions.

HIGH VOLUME - adjusting from zero to over 100dB.

WIDE TONE RANGE - high to low with unique alternating alarm mode tone.

LARGE ROTARY CONTROLS - adjusting sensitivity, volume & tone.


available in :-

Flame Red, Emerald Green, Sunburst Yellow, Electric Blue, Brilliant White & Purple Haze

Delkims introduction in 1992 set new standards for Electronic Bite Indicators and the innovative technology that they introduced then stil remains essentially unchanged to this day and has yet to be surpassed.


Delkim's unique Patented 100% Vibration Sensing System has no moving parts and is able to indicate both the speed of line movement and the vibrations from your rod tip.

The Delkim has an almost infinite range of sensitivity adjustment with two sensitivity ranges, each with its own unique response and fine rotary adjustment. This controllability makes the Delkims high sensitivity in all conditions but eliminates false indications caused by wind, undertow or current. This has resulted in more fish on the bank.

Delkims were designed for legering for Carp to give electronic audible and visual indication of bobbins. They can be be used with nylon or braid , making it the most versatile Electronic Bite Indicator out there and can be used for Pike and Barbel .

It can also be used as additional audible and visual indication when quivertipping , particularly when using heavier tips,

The quality, reliability , and versatility of the Delkim with its controlled extra sensitivity, continue to make it the choice of serious Anglers all around the world.

Delkim Plus Electronic Bite Alarm

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