Fox Arma Mesh

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Fox Arma Mesh
Fox Arma Mesh

Narrow System 14mm Fine Mesh

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Wide System 22mm Fine Mesh

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Narrow Refill 14mm Fine Mesh

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Fox Arma Mesh, now even bigger 7m in length.

Don’t be fooled by first impressions, as this IS NOT PVA! It’s a new baiting system that utilises a mesh that doesn’t breakdown in water.

It was originally developed to prevent crayfish or other small ‘nuisance’ fish attacking your hookbait, but in fact offers a huge list of additional benefits that will appeal to all types of anglers: carp, match, predator and even sea anglers!

The mesh creates an almost invisible cage around your bait which stops small fish eating it, while still allowing the flavours to leak out into the water. It also means you can use baits on the hook that have previously been impossible including:

Spod mix

Mashed meat

Pellet ball


Liquidised bread

Sweetcorn ball

Chopped worms/maggots

Mashed fish for predators/sea species

It also allows you to fish pellets for long periods, without risk of breakdown, and it’s very effective when used with corn in the mesh and a piece of plastic corn as a hair-stop. We’ve even had our consultants use a mesh bag of hemp fished over hemp loosefeed with devastating results!

You load the Arma Mesh exactly as you would load PVA, using the loading funnel supplied. It comes in narrow (14mm) and wide (22mm) sizes, and refill spools are available.

To use the Mesh Fox recommend you use a traditional hair rig approach. You can pass a baiting needle through the sack of bait and then slide it up a hair, securing it with a hair stop.

Fox Arma Mesh

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