Greys Prowla Supa Paternoster Trace

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Greys Prowla Supa Paternoster Trace
Greys Prowla Supa Paternoster Trace


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Greys Prowla Supa Paternoster Trace

This Prowla Supa Paternoster Trace is made up using high quality round bend Prowla Carbon Trebles mounted on 7 strand 30lb stainless steel wire. The top crimp cover slides onto a safety cross-lok link, which allows the trace greater movement and massively improves bait presentation, especially when fished in conjunction with a Prowla 360 Rotary Paternoster Boom.

The bottom crimp cover sits on the eye of the hook allowing movement to aid hooking. A Prowla treble sleeve is used on the top hook to keep everything neat and tidy, and the bait flags act as a visual strike target for big predators, whilst indicating which points are barbed and should be removed first during unhooking. Supa Paternoster Traces are available in various sizes and should be fished on an uptrace or Prowla 360 Rotary Paternoster Boom to avoid bite-offs.

Supa Carbon high-spec treble hooks

Low diameter gravel brown 30lb test wire

Safety Cross-Lok Link improves presentation

Double stepped lower crimp cover aids hooking

Supa strong rolling barrel swivel

Soft TPU rubber Prowla bait flags

Prowla embossed moulded treble sleeve

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