Korda Eazi-Stik Throwing Stick

Korda Easy Stick Throwing Stick
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Korda Eazi-Stik Throwing Stick

Made from ultra light polycarbonate plastic - Using this material makes the Easi-Stik incredibly light, making baiting effortless.

It greatly reduces fatigue on your arm which is a major bonus because most sticks kill your arm.Take care though, accidentally hitting the ground on the follow through can damage this stick.

Keep it out of direct sunlight in the heat of summer as prolonged exposure to temperatures of 25 degrees C can warp the shape.

Thankfully this only applies to about four days of an English summer.

Unique J shape - The 'bend in the end' of the Easi-Stik is essential to its performance - This long J shaped bend increases back spin on the boilie - The back spin 'lifts' the boilie in flight greatly increasing distance.

8" (20cm) Ultra slim textured handle - The broken texture of this rubberised handle creates the right amount of friction with your hand to ensure a firm grip - This stops the stick twisting in your hand on the downward stroke keeping the baits straight.

Great effort was put into keeping the handle as slim as possible - This substantially reduces fatigue on your forearm which is a problem found in most other sticks.

The handle was made 8" long to allow one or two handed grip. Check our 'eazi stick tips' for more info.

Korda Easi-stik Throwing Stick

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