Korda Kruiser Surface Controller Float

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Korda Kruiser Surface Controller Float
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Korda Kruiser Surface Controller Float

Now this is a unique design. The standard controller float has been around for years.

Unfortunately it isn’t the stealthiest of products. It dives into the lake on the cast often causing unnecessary disturbance.

Additionally the whole set-up is often prone to tangles, an anglers nightmare. This is where the Kruiser really does excel. Firstly the float will not dive into the lake too far thus spooking your quarry.

This is due to the even weight distribution in the float. Similarly to the Interceptor, this is created with a unique combination of plastic and an air cavity.

These Kruisers contain no lead, but even more positively they almost totally eliminate tangles, this is due to how the line enters and exits the float. It comes in at the top of the float and exits via a small hole on the side.

The size 11 ring swivel which is attached to your hooklink and mainline perfectly grips into the small silicone sleeve on the side of the float.

A new unique designe of controller from Korda.

Korda Kruiser Surface Controller

Another Korda unique design, new to the market place, they use no lead, only self material and air.

Does not dive on impact.

Super quiet water entry.

like the interceptor they are colour matched to sub surface green colour by using underwater cameras.

Unique attachments in tip which reduce tangles and improves accuracy.

Available in:

Korda Kruiser Surface Controller Float 10g

Korda Kruiser Surface Controller Float 15g

Korda Kruiser Surface Controller Float 20g

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