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Korda Spod Braid

Korda Spod Braid 20lb 300m POST FREE

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Korda Spod Braid, this braid is an 8 carrier, extremely high performance distance braid. the braid has been designed so that you get fewer wind knots when you cast with it. the incredibly smooth finish gives yards to the distance you can cast and the low diameter still has a high knot strength.

Korda Top Tip - To avoid seagulls getting your boilies when using a throwing stick, cast your spod over and beyond your baited area. The bright colour of the braid will help prevent them from diving down and getting your baits.

Spod Braid Features

Exceptionally easy to use

Top performance long distance casting properties

Extremely hard wearing

To stop any chances of 'cracking off', it is best to use a 30lb Armakord leader.

Recommended Knots with this braid -

When joining the Spod Braid to the Armakord Leader the best knot to use is a back to back Grinner knot, this knot is illustrated on the back of the packaging, its an easy knot to tie and very safe.

When attaching your spod to the braid, the best knot to use is a twice through the eye Grinner knot, again this is illustrated on the back of the packaging.

For quick attachment of a spod it is best to use a Kwik Link and for extra scurity, slide a tapered silicone sleeve over the Kwik Link

300m spools

0.16mm diameter

20lb or 9.1kg breaking strain

Highly visible Fluoro Green in colour

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Manufacturer Korda
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