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Korda Rig Toolz Strippa

Since releasing our Hybrid hook link material we have been inundated with emails and calls from people enquiring how to strip it. For the last few years we have recommended using your teeth, which can't be doing anyone any favours for their dentist bills! Dave Gawthorn actually has a small groove in one of his teeth after prolonged coating removal!

Well we have now found an answer to this problem - the unique Strippa Tool. This is a simple but extremely effective device that can be used for all coated hook link materials, making it an absolute must have item for any serious carp angler.

The Strippa Tool is a small, neat product manufactured with Anodised Aluminium, in British Racing Green. This truly is a nail and teeth saviour for those anglers who love using coated hook links.

The Korda Rig Toolz coated hooklink stripping tool has been designed to easily remove the outer coating of virtually any coated material including Korda's Hybrid, without damaging the inner braid.

The Korda Strippa is operated by passing the coated material through the rear of the tool and over the cutter, then when you have enough hooklink through to be 'stripped' pull the hooklink in to the cutter, with your thumb over the cutter held tight enough to keep the hooklink at the bottom of the cutter but not so hard that you stop the hooklink from being pulled through, then slowly pull the hooklink back out from the rear, which will remove the coating.

Full illustrated instructions supplied with the tool, another brilliant idea from Korda.

Korda Rig Toolz Strippa

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