Mainline Activator

Mainline Activator

For use with the Dedicated Base Mixes from Mainline when rolling your own bait; matching flavours and ingredients from the successful base mixes in liquid form

Mainline do not advise the addition of any other flavours or additives, which could detract from the effectiveness of the bait – simply combine the dry and liquid food sources of the Dedicated Base Mix and Activator at recommended levels for assured success.


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Mainline Activator

Essential Cell Activator

The latest food source bait to join the already established list of dedicated freezer baits.

Designed for use in conjunction with the Essential Cell Dedicated Base Mix, the Essential Cell Activator contains all the same ‘active’ and crucial ingredients in liquid form. The result is single liquid blend, containing every element required that not only simplifies the bait making process, but also provides the confidence that you are using these complex ingredients at the optimum levels for maximum performance.

Hybrid Activator

Hybrid has taken expectation levels to new heights where fish response is concerned. The results enjoyed by Mainline's team of field testers and consultants have been phenomenal!

This, the Hybrid Activator is the essential and only ‘liquid food’ required when rolling Hybrid boilies from the dedicated base mix - comprising of all the vital liquid ingredients to initiate the baits active reaction and response once in the lake.

High in attraction this liquid food ‘Activator’ is designed purely for use in conjunction with the Hybrid base mix and therefore should be used only as recommended for maximum effect.

Cell Activator

As the name suggests, the Cell Activator is the triggering agent for the Cell base mix. A dedicated liquid food source additive, containing a complex reactionary triggering agent encapsulated in a liquid form. The secondary additive and attractors in dry form are contained within the Cell base mix itself.

Once combined, the Cell becomes ‘Active’ giving off highly attractive and powerful feeding signals to the carp.

Supplied in 300ml bottles

Mainline Activator

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