This was the last ever winter league final to be run by Angling Times, the Angling Trust will take over for next year.
Most teams put a fair amount of practice into this event, with 195lb winning the practice match a week before. In general most people were a lot happier fishing here than a gin clear, full of weed and catch nothing river nene at Peterborough.
High winds on the day made the fishing very uncomfortable for the majority of anglers, yet there was plenty of fish to be caught for those who worked at it.
I drew on the smaller Teardrop Lakes, although the fishing wasn't as good as the week before, due to all the practice, I had an enjoyable days fishing, with bites all day on bloodworm to finish with 8lb+ of small roach and second in the section.
The team had a great day, winning by a clear 12 points over Delcac, with Kamasan Starlets finishing third.
This is probably the best Dorking Team I have ever fished in, maybe too good as other teams cant compete and loose interest, we shall see what happens on the Newark Dyke in a couple of weeks, maybe I will be eating my own words.