PinPoint owner Marc Voosen talks you through how to correctly sharpen hooks, this video will talk you through pretty much everything you need to know about How To sharpen hooks.

How do i clamp the hook correctly in the vice?

How many strokes of the file do i give each side?

How much pressure do i apply?

How do i test to see if its sharper?

How do i protect the point from getting damaged?

All these questions are common questions we get asked in the shop on a day to day basis. The guys at Nash have teamed up with PinPoint owner Marc Voosen who has years of experience in sharpening hooks and produced a brilliant video making it very easy to understand.

Marc also talks you through the brilliant new range of Nash Pinpoint tools that are now available and in stock HERE. 

So here it guys check it out! How to sharpen hooks correctly by Marc Voosen.