My top tip is to keep it simple when your perch fishing, all I ever use is a straight forward rig wether I'm quiver tipping or using bobbins.

Starting at the top I like to use a 5lb mainline and a 4lb hooklength, I use a feeder on a running rig down to a buffer bead so you have got the swivel, a hooklength of 4lb line about 18 inches long, then I use a size 6 or 8 hook for lobworm.

Top tip - after you have put the lobworm on the hook add an imitation red maggot on the end so when you have got the worm on it stops the worm catching on the point of the hook.

For the last few seasons this has been really successful for me, simply by putting chopped worm in the feeder and a big lobworm on the hook, I'm sue you will be able to catch a few fish. The best hook for this style of fishing is the Kamasan B983.