My top tip this winter is boosting your hookbaits, here's how I do it. Ok, so first off I'll take my chosen hookbaits, in this instance it's the Citruz Wafters. I'll then take two empty pop up tubs, and i'll empty the tub of Citruz Wafters equally between the two.

Ok, so once you've spread your pop-ups equally between the two tubs, it's then on to mixing your flavours, so here's how I do that. So you get your designated flavours, in this instance i'm using the Citruz Concentrate Spray and the Betalin. I like to then mix them in an empty spray bottle. So once you've mixed your flavours up in your spray bottle, give it a proper good vigorous shake around, that mixes the flavours up really nicely. Take the top off and then grab both tubs of your pop ups, a good even spray all over the outside and give them a quick shake up. Do that on both tubs of pop ups.

You can just leave that at home, next to your sofa and when you're watching TV every evening just give them a quick shake around, you can do it over a process of a few weeks and the pop up really will absorb those flavours in and it will just slowly leak off in the water when you're fishing.

I've been doing this for the last sort of three or four winters in my fishing, and I really do believe it's caught me extra fish. So give it a go and hopefully it'll catch you a few more fish.