Yesterday, I went to Tockenham Reservoir for a day after the bream and skimmers, considering the time of the year, conditions were perfect. South westerly winds blew strongly down the length of the reservoir into the dam, and the temperature gauge on the van said 10 degrees, as I walked to my swim I saw a number of carp jumping in the dam margins, where the wind was at its roughest, thats a sure sign that the water was a lot warmer than it has been of late.
Method feeder at short range was the successful method and I caught straight away, the action was pretty hectic for most of the day, I caught lots of skimmers from 6oz up to 3lb, about 2 o'clock the wind changed to N Westerly and a heavy rain storm blew across the lake, with it the air temperature dropped dramatically and the fishing slowed up, the rest of the day was cold and wet and only the odd skimmer to be caught. I finished the day with approx. 75lb, I was real happy chappy.

By the time I got back to the van the air temperature had dropped to 4 degrees, a six degree drop in a day is a lot, its easy to see why the fishing slowed up.

Tockenham Reservoir is owned by and at the right time of the year I have had 200lb+ catches of bream, there is also a good head of carp, but they respond to a boilie approach.