The Docks system is taking a long time to warm up this year, Wednesday we had a hail storm, hardly the weather for Mid May. The water temperatures are way below what they should be for the time of the year and spawning is very late.

The conditions for Thursdays evening match was pleasant enough, no wind or flow and the water had a nice tinge of colour, yet the fishing hasn't improved much.

Top rod on the evening was John Macey with 5lb 13oz, which was 2 bream caught on a 10m pole with maggots. Merv Sivell was second with a single carp of 5lb 11oz, again caught on the pole. There is a massive untapped potential for carp in the Bristol Docks, we hear regular reports of massive fish being seen, usually around the boat mooring areas.

Dave Clutterbuck was third with alb 4oz of roach, all caught on the pole. Dave Shore and Pete Sivell tied for joint fourth with 2lb 12, both caught roach on a 6m whip.

Andy Curry was sixth with 1lb 15oz of roach.